Fuel pumps, cabin tilt pumps and belt tensioners

Truck Mechanic™ has the biggest and most complete line of Tensioners, fuel and cabin tilt pumps.

Fuel pump, Tilt pump, belt tensioners and pulleys, are among the most profitable products in our range. They are also components of extreme importance for the proper operation of your vehicle.
The correct application and quality of these elements are crucial factors that represent competitive advantage, both for manufacturers and for the cosumers, allowing the maximum achievement of the desired levels of efficiency in the rest of the other components that make up an engine.
The increasing engine performance and the continuous increasing of auxiliary system require more criteria in choosing the mechanical components of vehicles
Truck Mechanic™’s products line provides carefully tested parts to the aftermarket, developed with the highest quality, always  thinking of bringing to consumers the biggest choice of Premium items in Brazil.


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