Savings! How important is the perfect functioning of your gearbox?

With our gearbox line of products the difference is clear!

Greater efficiency and economy need to be ensured throughout the life cycle of a commercial vehicle; the transmission is an extremely important item to achieve a considerable level of reduction i fuel consumption and control of CO² emissions. In addition to that, the gearshift of a vehicle has the function of bringing comfort and dynamism in the gear shifting. Proper installation of the correct components makes all the difference in the operation of this assembly. It is also for this reason that Truck Mechanic™ products are developed by highly skilled professionals, bringing to consumers items with the experience of people who understand the spare parts market for heavy duty vehicles in the country.

Throughout the years of operation, Truck Mechanic™ has understood the need to bring the best to the aftermarket consumer. Our products are constantly tested by a network of qualified partners, who complete their evaluation with field tests, and guarantee the extreme reliability of our lines. Truck Mechanic™’s mission is to bring its customers the largest choice of premium items in Brazil.


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